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We LOVE Dips

Like push-ups, dips are superior for building upper body strength and definition. In addition, they can be performed with minimal equipment and in a lot of variations. Below, you’ll find some of our favourite dip variations and workouts. – Sarah & Ditte


Parallel bar dips

Parallel bar dips


Russian dips


See demo w/ Camille Leblanc Bazinet here:

Single bar dips

See demo here:

Korean dips

See demo here: 

Ring dips


See a nice demo here with Matt Chan : 

Weighted dips

- Pretty basic, just add a weighted vest, a weight belt w/plates, or chains.


Weighted dips – ‘dropsets’

In 60 sec, amrap weighted dips @10 kg

60 sec rest

In 60 sec, amrap weighted dips @ 7,5 kg

60 sec rest

In 60 sec, amrap weighted dips @ 5 kg

60 sec rest

In 60 sec, amrap weighted dips @2,5 kg

**Adjust the weights to your level


21-15-9 reps for time of:

40 kg power cleans

Ring dips


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Do you get better when you stop caring?


I recently stumbled upon this interesting blog about sports psychology and mental training:

Here’s a bit of the article that caught my attention:

After all, for most of us, it’s no mystery how to lose a few pounds or run a faster mile at the track. It’s no mystery how to go from lifting 150 pounds off the floor to 175 pounds over the course of several months with regular, guided training sessions.  It’s not rocket science to follow a thoughtful mobility or yoga program and improve flexibility. And yet, so many of us set goals like these and fail to reach them. Until that magic moment when we decide to stop caring.

Link to the full article:

Check out the rest (and more interesting stuff here):


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CrossFitters at the European Championship in Weightlifting


Today, Sarah Krarup (DK) and Anna Hulda Olafsdottir (ISL) lifted at the European Championships in weightlifting (in the same group!). They are both very capable CrossFitters and it is impressive to see them master 2 sports so well!

Anna lifted 164 kg (70+94) and Sarah lifted 158 (70+88). Good job by both girls!

Follow a live update of the scoreboards here:

What a great inspiration! – Ditte



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