Coming up: CrossFit and away – no equipment, no problem!



The holidays are approaching, and we know that many of you will be left with limited gym access. But even with the smallest amount of equipment, or no equipment at all, it’s still possible to get a nice (hard) workout!

We have gathered some of the greatest online resources out there, and furthermore we have found some great workouts to keep you entertained (and in shape) during your vacation!

Below, we have listed some of the coming posts. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with great ideas and/or contributions!

Enjoy, Sarah & Ditte

  • Blair Morrison’s “AnywhereFit”
  • Martin Rooney / Training for warriors
  • Online Resources
  • Anders Knudsen, Olympic lifter and CrossFit athlete in South America
  • Kettlebell training
  • Training with sledge hammer + tires (perfect for summer house vacations )
  • Interval based endurance training
  • Sven and “Kalle” (two CrossFit athletes) in Thailand
  • Classic CrossFit WODs that don’t require equipment
  • Do-it-yourself sandbag workouts
  • Tabata workouts with gym boss
  • Partner drills (with inspiration from MMA)
  • And more to come!

4 thoughts on “Coming up: CrossFit and away – no equipment, no problem!

  1. Great idea for a series! I’m especially looking forward to the WODs that don’t require equipment. It can be a challenge in itself to work out in an unknown environment. Inspired by Blair Morrison I’ve started to look for raised surfaces (for box jumps), stairs, bars, etc. whenever I’m away from Copenhagen. Finding something useful can be a great inspiration to do the work out.

    • @ Patrick – stay tuned. I am in my WODs from my honeymoon linking to a 22 page list of CrossFit WODs with body weight!

      It’ll be posted this week!


  2. Hey Sarah! It is really cool to see how active you people are. Really impressive website!

    Hope you don’t mind that we linked you to our new website.
    btw, the challenge is going to be awsome!


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