Martin Rooney Seminar in Denmark! 9 – 10 Oct. 2010

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Are you looking to improve your training arsenal? Do you need more skills to help develop your clients or your own personal fitness? Would you like to better bridge the gap between weight training and sports performance?

If your answer is “yes”, it is time to make the best investment you can make. That is an investment in yourself!

…On 9-10 Okt 2010, World Class trainer and coach Martin Rooney is returning to Denmark and will again take you on a training adventure. Martin is known around the world for delivering exciting and thought provoking seminars that will challenge both your mind and your body. Martin will share the training secrets that he has researched and used on many of the top athletes in the world.

Each day will feature a full day of both lecture and hands on training. Here is a taste of what is to come:

Day 1 Warrior Training Seminar

Martin has been the physical trainer for numerous world champion martial artists. He has worked with UFC fighters, judo Olympians, World Champion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players, Thai Fighters and boxers. This seminar will feature the unique training system that Martin has developed over the last decade. The information will cover advanced warmups, new discoveries in bodyweight training, partner training, bar complexes, metabolic circuits, warrior challenges, and his signature Hurricane Training.

As a special feature on personal development, Martin will also cover the zen topics of personal Mastery.

This seminar is for any athlete, trainer or coach that is interested in adding new training ideas to their current programming. Whether you do martial arts or not, there will be an amazing amount of information to benefit from.

Day 2 Linear and Lateral Speed Training

Martin has also trained many of the fastest athletes in the United States using his training methods. Martin has created a complete system for speed development that will help to improve the athleticism of any athlete or coach. All to often, athletes either lift or run, but this is commonly not sport specific. Martin’s presentations will bridge the gap between training and sport specificity. The Linear Speed Training will involve new dynamic warmups, acceleration and deceleration training techniques, maximal speed techniques, and running assessment. It will also deliver both speed and strength training exercises to improve speed, enhance technique and decrease the chance of injury. The Lateral or Agility part will involve signature change of direction training techniques, plyometric jumping techniques and drills and exercises for agility training.

This seminar will be for any athlete, trainer or coach that is looking to add proven speed and agility training techniques to their training regimen.

Last time Martin was in Denmark, his seminar filled quickly. To ensure you can be part of this exciting seminar series, see the information below:

Location: Butcher’s Lab, Høkerboderne 10, 1727 Copenhagen.

Each day will begin at 9 AM and end at 5/6 PM.

Participants will receive certificate for participation.

Price: 370 USD/2100 DKK

Registration fee is due paid on 29 September 2010.

(remember to write your name in the payment information)


Danske Bank

Reg. no.: 4280

konto no. 4280471267

iban: dk0630004280471267

swift: dabadkkk

Participants: MAX 50 persons.

This seminar is perfect for:

Martial Arts


Strength Coaches/Personal Trainers

Physical therapists/Athlete Trainers

Sport Coaches

Physical Education Teachers


More detalis on Martin Rooney:

Parisi Speed School:


We are looking forward to seeing you all 9-10 Okt 2010!

NB: No refund is given upon cancellation by the participant after the payment date.

Send an e-mail to if you want to receive a receipt for your payment.

Questions about the seminar call +45 26111181


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