Marianna Tzourtzek – my first CrossFit competition

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Name: Marianna Tzourtzek
Affiliate: Crossfit Hellas owner, Greece
Max deadlift: 120kg
Max benchpress: 60 kg
Max clean&jerk : 65kg
Max snatch: 40kg
Time 5 K: 22.28”
Rounds Cindy: 23rounds
Fran time: 4.18”
Grace time: 6′ 27”
Muscle up? (yes /no) only one once 

I’m a CrossFit trainer and the owner of Crossfit Hellas in Athens (Greece) and graduated of Aristoteles University in Physical education.   I work as gymnast-personal trainer  since 2003 and as CF trainer for two years. I’m an X-athlete of gymnastics in national level. Now i train myself for 2 years in Crossfit and the last one in Brazilian JIu JItsu too. This is my first Competition. My best WODs are Fran and Helen.


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