Sarah Grey – my first CrossFit competition


photo copyright by Cato Lein, 2010.

Name: Sarah Grey

CrossFit affiliate:  crossFit Nordic

Country: sweden

Crossfitting since:   sept 2009

Job:   Producer / First AD on commericals and films

Age: 39

Max deadlift:   110kg

Max benchpress: 63kg

Max clean&jerk:  45

Max snatch:   32kg so far…..:-)

Rounds Cindy: haha 16 with jumping pullups

Fran time:  5 something with jumping pull-ups 

Muscle up? Not yet. 

Favorite WOD:  King Kong…just kidding, maybe Isabel.

Favorite lift: Snatch

Anything else you want to share with the CrossFit community?

I started this journey to be the fittest I have ever been on my 40th birthday, and I found so much more than just that.  I found new friends, new experiences, new mental/ physical goals, got my ego in check.  
I have a year to go to my first pit stop, after that sky is the limit 🙂
When I signed up for the Fit as Fu*k Challage, I was female number 9….so in my mind it was a small competition to get me exposed to the competition enviroment.  I can’t say I am not nervous as hell, but I am looking forward to the experience and to meet all the other crazy, wonderful people in our community.
Love. Peace. Crossfit.

4 thoughts on “Sarah Grey – my first CrossFit competition

  1. thanks !
    I’ll do my utmost!

  2. Keep enjoying it all Sarah, injury-free and endorphin-rich! 😀

  3. Sarah – You look Great!
    Nice energy and goooood spirit 🙂

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