Felix Mühlnickel – my first CrossFit competition

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  • Name: Felix Mühlnickel
  • CrossFit affiliate: no affiliate i train in munich in the Dr.Core studio! We have very good equipment to do CF!
  • Country: Germany
  • Crossfitting since: March 2010 (very short time)
  • Job: student
  • Age: 24
  • Max deadlift: 180
  • Max benchpress: 120
  • Max clean&jerk: 80
  • Time 5 K: 20:10
  • Time 400 m: 1:03
  • Rounds Cindy: 26
  • Fran time: 3:30
  • Muscle up?: yes (but just on good days)
  • Favorite WOD: Elizabeth
  • Favorite lift: power clean

One thought on “Felix Mühlnickel – my first CrossFit competition

  1. Yeah Felix!!!

    Freu mich schon gegen dich anzutreten! Wird ‘ne spannende Sache am Samstag!

    See you there!

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