Johan Uddh – my first CrossFit competition

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Name: Johan Uddh

CrossFit affiliate: CrossFit Kalmar

Country: Sweden

Crossfitting since: 2009-06

Job: CTO

Age: 32

Max deadlift: 185 kg

Max benchpress: 76kg

Max clean&jerk: 85kg

Max snatch: 60kg

Time 5 K: 24 min

Time 400 m: 1.02 min

Rounds Cindy: 21

Fran time: 5.30

Grace time: ?

Muscle up? Yes (but bad lockout)

Favorite WOD: Love/Hate all wods =) there’s always something to improve

Favorite lift: Cleen

Anything else you want to share with the CrossFit community?

I’m looking forward for the competition and it will be really fun to meet all the other crossfitters 🙂



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