Presenting the FAB AS FU*K style award!!!


Athletes at the FIT AS FU*K CrossFit Challenge will not only be competing on strength and speed but on something equally as important – style and looks!!! 🙂

3 athletes will be rewarded with the FAB AS FU*K style award (best: man, woman and master).

It is all about: outfit, colours, accessories, attitude, poses, loving the attention and owning the moment… 

Do you have what it takes?

Judge: Yasir Maafri (who will also be the one to ask all kinds of questions during the day of competition)

Tips on how to CrossFit with style.

Prizes by Casall


3 thoughts on “Presenting the FAB AS FU*K style award!!!


    That is so messed up!

    Seriously, this is an awful funny award.

    All the attitude funk and dress to impress… thanks for making me having a great morning laugh 🙂

  2. Seriously. I think it is a very funny award.
    Personally I am not a big fan of the entire “Famous no matter what” spirit, and I am not sure, that I find it positive for a sport to blend in fasion, “Paradise Hotel attitudes”, “DKBN kisses” and that sort of stuff… but hey, luckily we’re not all alike and I am damn sure it will make some people look good, a lot of people have fun, and it sure gives a funny twist to the competition.
    Looking forward to see you all 🙂

    Now, let me go get me mankini, so I can dress to impress!

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