Dan – my first CrossFit competition

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Name: Dan

CrossFit affiliate: Crossfit

Country: Denmark

Crossfitting since: July 2010

Job: N/A

Age: 30

Max deadlift: 180 kg

Max benchpress: 120 kg

Max clean&jerk: 95 kg

Time 5 K: 20:15 min

Time 400 m: 1.08 min.

Rounds Cindy: 27

Fran time: 3:15

Muscle up? Yes

Favorite WOD: Haven’t done that many Crossfit WODs but maybe Linda, Lynne and the chipper from the ’09 Games.

Favorite lift: OL Squat and Pullups

Anything else you want to share with the CrossFit community?

With just 2-3 months of Crossfit and Olympic lifts, my primary goal is to represent the new affiliate best way possible.  


One thought on “Dan – my first CrossFit competition

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