Nikolaj Kaufmann – my first CrossFit competition

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Name: Nikolaj Kaufmann

CrossFit affiliate: CrossFit the Royal Danish Lifeguards

Country: Denmark

Crossfitting since: April 2010

Job: Physiotherapist, Military Physical Training Team

Age: 31

Max deadlift: 227 kg

Max benchpress: 120 kg

Max clean&jerk: 97 kg

Max snatch: 75 kg

Time 5 K: 21 min.

Time 400 m: 1.06 min.

Rounds Cindy: 20

Fran time: 3:43

Grace time: 3:05

Muscle up? 1 so far

Favorite WOD: Dunno… Linda?

Favorite lift: Deadlift!

Anything else you want to share with the CrossFit community?

I’m looking forward to see you all in the lovely sorroundings of The Danish Royal Guards, Høvelte!
Let’s make this sucker go BOOOOOM!!!


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