Post FIT AS FU*K CrossFit Challenge – lessons learned + should this be a yearly challenge?



Thanks again for a great day and for all the nice e-mails and posts on our facebook profiles etc. after the challenge.

It was our first challenge in terms of planning, programming, organizing, finding the perfect venue, attracting sponsors etc., and we have learned SO much already in order to make a possible new FIT AS FU*K CrossFit Challenge next year even cooler and better.

Please share your thoughts on anything (venue, programming, afterparty, scoring system, WODs, the entire day etc….) – good and bad with us here in the comments below.

…. and YES all results will be posted ASAP!

Ditte & Sarah


13 thoughts on “Post FIT AS FU*K CrossFit Challenge – lessons learned + should this be a yearly challenge?

  1. hats off to all the organizers (especially to ditte and sarah) for putting this challenge together. amazing atmosphere and venue. of course we will come back. thank you so much.

  2. First of all, awesome event!

    If something should be better next year it should be:

    Making it easier for the spectators to watch the athletes.
    Event 3 was in a too small room, compared to the number of athletes. Was a bit hard to watch them all, would have been abit better if the weight plates was colored so you could get a faster overview (was very hard to see the difference between the plates)

    Maybe next year make a stand where you can buy candy, soda and beer for the finished athletes and spectators 🙂

    My 2 cents
    Can’t wait for next year!

  3. A huge thanks to Sarah, Ditte, judges, volunteers, Cross Gym, fellow competitors and spectators of an awesome event. Atmosphere was great and it was an honor to be part of that:)

    Mikko Aronpää

  4. Thanks for the great event!

    The Good: I really liked the WoDs and the heats being predetermined (at least in the first two rounds) by the number of the athlete. I also liked the concept of the rolling start for some of the workouts (1st and 4th).

    Considering the large number of participants and the challenges provided by the complex nature of a WoD as compared to most other sporting events, this was really impressive!

    The Bad: It was really difficult to understand the general announcements before/during the individual WoDs. Noise from the spectators, the crowding around the WoDs etc. made it hard (for me at least) to understand what was said, where to be at what time and get an estimate of when my heat will start. It also made warming up difficult as you could never be really sure how long you’ll have until your next event and you had to stay in the crowd for some WoDs to be close enough to the announcer to hear when you have to start.

    A designated staging/warm up area (only) for the athletes (maybe + his/her coach) of the say next two heats might solve this problem.

    You could also have a judge in the staging area to go over any detail questions about standards/points of performance etc. for the coming WoD, so you could keep the general introduction at the beginning of the day shorter.

    The signaling for telling which athletes are supposed to be in the staging area could be by a big white board/or beamer projection showing the athletes number. (making this work with loudspeakers is from my experience a little tricky)

    Oh and I would like to have more WoDs before the first cut off! 🙂

    The Ugly: The crowding at the Strength WoD and the Barbell Complex (male – the females had better spacing).

    Athletes where standing to close to each other and spectators where to close to athletes handling weight close to or over their PR over their head. This is IMHO an unnecessary risk.

    Other: There seems to be a growing number of CrossFit’ing moms and dads which children old enough to watch the WoDs but not old enough to not be watched 🙂 … maybe a playground/Bewegungsbaustelle for them where they can have fun under the eyes of a few CrossFit Kids certified coaches when they’re not watching their parents in the competition? It might make participating even more enjoyable for parents and kids.

  5. one more thing, the guy from (sorry don’t remember your name) was working pure magic on my shoulder!

  6. I assume that those voting “no” will let us know why!

    Thanks in advance.


  7. Thanks for a great event. Great workouts, nice setup, great atmosphere.

    I for one loved the WOD3 setup, with the tight crowd and insane testasterone power there, the speed and the caos, chalk in the air, barbells falling and massive roars of competitors and spectators was a real pump!

    I hope to be back for next year if you’ll throw it again for sure. In my opinion, the total scoring should be reconsidered. Also, a bigger location for the afterparty is a must.

    Who was videotaping everything? …was he from xfitnet? ..will more video be released?

    BIG applause!

  8. I think it was an amazing event!

    Somethings I would focus on for next time would be:

    1 Better announcing. Difficult to hear the announcer. Also remove the more complex tasks from the announcer (the timing could be done by the judging table and a loud horn. Also show the time in the event better. Maybe a big score board with timer). This could give the announcer more time focusing on the actual contest and who is ahead and who is doing what.

    2 Focus on the scoring of the competition for the spectators to be able to follow better.

    3 More food and drinks available

    4 Better coordination of starting time in the first event

  9. Hi there!! I had a great day, made a Power clean PR in the CFTII, I was going up to 115 but I forgotted that just 3 attempt where alloud:(…
    I learned one lesson…that you are just strong as your worst skill…So… I have to work on my ohs…

    Next year will be bettet!!!

    Thanks to Sarah and Ditte for the awesome work, to Cross Gym for the equipment and all the judge who did awesome!!

    See you soon guys!!!

  10. Thanks for putting together this awesome event. This was my first crossfit competition and it really made me want to participate in a lot more events. Great job with getting it all together. I would specifically like to point out that I think that the judges made an awesome job! There was a bit of confusion regarding announcement/when your heat started etc, but that’s expected since this was the first (of many, hopefully) fit as fu*k events!

    Also, Michael, the massage/chiropractor guy was AWESOME.

    I’d love to see another event! Thanks!

  11. Sarah and Ditte,

    you guys and everyone else involved did one heck of a job! You can be very proud of yourselves.

    It was an amazing event!


  12. The guy filming all day is a friend of mine – he will make a video as soon as possible.

    Thanks for all the comments :0)

  13. The event was incredible! I competed in the SD/AZ Sectional and Southwest Regionals this year, and one thing is for sure. The energy and atmosphere this Saturday was the best I have ever experienced! The crowd was awesome especially on event 3 and 4 – probably due to the nature of the WOD and the fact that the spectators could be so up-close to everyone competing (but still giving us more than enough room).

    I was also very pleased with the “athletes room” where we could put all our stuff and relax between events. I did not expect that you would have room for everyone – great stuff!

    Improvement points. I got few points of improvement, some of them are already mentioned but I’ll write them again and give my reasons.

    1. The scoring system. Resetting of points after each cut. This made sure to keep the competition exciting. There is no doubt that the final WOD would have been a LOT less exciting knowing that Annie and Mikko had already won. But the major drawback is that that system does not work in selecting the fittest person – something I assume must be a vital part of every CF-competition. How can I say that it does not work? The women is the perfect example. Annie dominated the whole day, with 4 1st places and 1 2nd. Any scoring system that fails to recognize such performance as the best one is insufficient in my opinion.

    2. Information to the athletes. It was hard to get a good estimate of when your own heat started. There were some small delays and no one could tell me when to show up for the next event, just “be there in good time”. That worked fine, but it would be great for next year to have a fixed schedule that was adjusted for delays and a place (secretary) where one could get such information. That way one could actually rest until the next heat and not wait around to see if you where up next.

    3. Live update of scoring on-line. Did not expect that this year, but it would be a great improvement for next year =) It might be possible to use the I see that “Texas Throwdown” and “Colorado Open” are added to the list – so why not Fit As Fuck?

    Last but not least, 150 DKK seriously? We even got a t-shirt and the spectators didn’t have to pay! I’m comparing this to Sectionals/Regionals where I had to pay USD 100 twice(!) and USD 50 for each spectator, and they claimed to be non-profit.. You girls made a heck of a good event more or less for free for anyone who wanted to participate! Thanks 🙂

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