Frederik Æ from CrossFit Butcher’s Lab, Denmark, shares his day at the FIT AS FU*K CrossFit Challenge

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5.45 AM and the buzzer goes off… great! It’s Saturday, still a little dim outside and it’s raining. This is gonna be a tough day.
Every day starts off with a good nutritional meal to your system up and running. Oatmeal, eggs, yoghurt and some nuts and I’m good to go. I hear a horn outside my door, grap my stuff and head out. The anxiety of forgetting some of your gear overwhelms you as you drive away. I check everything twice, just to make sure!

We arrived at the military base at 7.20 where a large group of people are waiting outside the check-in building. We got in line and wait. 10min later, equipped with a competition tee and my duffle I headed to the athlete quarters to drop my stuff. The first event was at 9.30, which meant plenty of time to get nervous. A short chat with some of the other athletes and we were off to the briefing. You could sort of feel the tension in the air as you walked into the gymnasium where people were scattered around the room, waiting for Sarah to start the day. The briefing, which turned out not so brief, finished and people started getting ready for the first event.

The Fit as F*uck challenge had officially begun!

The skills event wasn’t anything I feared since I felt comfortable with all the drills except for the MU. For the last two months I’ve been rehabbing on a partially torn infraspinatus in my left shoulder after an incidence in France in the end of July. Basically, that meant that MU would be extremely painful and might put the rest of my challenge at risk. I decided to not even try, just to save my shoulder for the other WOD’s.

After a short break we were off to the second WOD. 7min AMRAP. Everything listed as an AMRAP gives me jitters, mainly because my strong point in crossfit, is strength. Luckily you just had to finish in the top 62 to advance and since no score was kept for following WOD’s you just had to make it through.

I made it to the 3. WOD, which was just my kind of workout. Heavy and low reps! A football players dream My strategy was to alternate between OHS and Cleans, starting with the OHS. The event turned out exactly as I imagined it and I scored a combined weight of 365kg. This was enough to get me in third place!

The setup for the fourth WOD was awesome! 10 bars from 60kg to 105kg lined up just meters apart. Really cool sight. The excitement from the crowd was amazing from the very first athlete started the WOD. The roaring, yelling, cheering and cursing created an intense atmosphere, an atmosphere that summons up what I love about crossfit. As in every other sport, you compete to beat your opponents, but the way people are cheering for eachother doesn’t resemble anything I’ve ever experienced in elitesports. This is why crossfit has grown to immense proportions within a very limited timeframe and will continue to for a long time to come.

The final event was by far the most cardiac demanding workout of the day. I didn’t have high expectations to my own performance, but on the other hand, you might not find anyone as sore a loser as me, so of course I didn’t wanna loose! 12min41sec later I was lying with my eyes on the sky heaving for air. My heart was pumping, my entire body trembling from exhaustion. On the very final run I had no doubt that somebody would overtake me. I was hardly jogging along the rim of the track, fighting my way towards the finishline, crossing it as the third male competitor I was so happy to finish on the podium, something I’d wanted to do ever since coming in second at the Danish Crossfit Open in February!

Even though we’d been up since 6, working our way through 5 grueling WOD’s the night wasn’t over. Everybody went out for drinks to celebrate this amazing event and our personal victories that being a spot in the podium or just finishing. This rounded up a day of victory and defeats but reassured everyone in and around the crossfit society that crossfit is an awesome sport!

I truly hope everybody enjoyed the day as much as I did and I wanna give a big thanks to Sarah and Ditte for putting together an amazing challenge and to all the judges, sponsors and spectators that made this whole thing possible!


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