FIT AS FU*K: The quest for good CrossFit programming


We are happy to tell you, that we with help from Martin Rooney (Training For Wariors, TFW) have started a new CrossFit training program!

Sarah and Ditte will be testing TFW-style of programming, changed to meet the demands of a CrossFit athlete.

The goals of the program – defined by us:

  • Improve relative strenght
  • Work on specific weaknesses
  • Optimize time spent in the gym
  • Improve recovery and prevent overtraining

Our structure:

  • Monday: Upper body strength
  • Tuesday: Lower body dominated WOD
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: Upper body dominated WOD
  • Friday: Lower body Strength day
  • Saturday: Off
  • Sunday: Interval running/sprints with our running crew

Our regular tests will include:

  • TFW performance tests
  • Body composition tests
  • Pictures
  • Participation in various CrossFit competetions and challenges

Thanks for Martin Rooney for supporting us!

We are really excited about our new training program and can’t wait to tell you more!

Sarah & Ditte

Learn more about Martin Rooney and Training for Warriors here:

We will blog about the CrossFit specific WODs that we are doing, but the TFW-exercises will not be revealed in details. Furthermore, be aware that we have designed our program to work on our weaknesses in CrossFit. In case, you’re living in Denmark and interested in learning more about TFW adapted to your sport and your weaknesses, do not hesitate to contact Oliver Worm and Henrik “Affe” @ Butcher’s Lab.


3 thoughts on “FIT AS FU*K: The quest for good CrossFit programming

  1. So Great, will you post the log online?

  2. I have become totally hooked on Crossfit. It is an incredible workout!

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