WITHFIT – check it out…..

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WithFit is a powerful tool that helps you track, improve, and share your fitness. Designed to handle the demands of CrossFitters, it makes recording your workouts extraordinarily simple and provides comprehensive, informative feedback about your fitness progress. It’s used by thousands of athletes around the world.

Are you tired of trying to remember what your last 3 rep snatch was? WithFit can do that. Want to see how your squats have been coming along now that you’re eating paleo? No problem. Need a way to schedule how you’re going to blend CrossFit with your other activities? Curious how many pull ups you’ve ever done? Interested in a system for setting body and fitness goals? Want a website that will singlehandedly give you a 48 inch vertical leap? Check, check, check, and… uh, we’re working on it.

If you’re currently using a spreadsheet, notebook, or other local system for tracking your workouts, WithFit offers more flexible recording and provides analysis that simple logs cannot. If you’re using other online trackers, WithFit provides an ease of use and functionality that is unrivaled. If you’re not using any of these, well, come on! Data is the foundation of CrossFit methodology.

WithFit is completely free to use, is not full of obnoxious advertisements, won’t beg you for money, and has never taken performance enhancing drugs. It will allow you to export you’re data at any time, so you can always take it with you! What are you waiting for? Try logging your own workout or one from the CrossFit main page.


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