Danish athletes getting ready for SM


This weekend, we are going to participate in SM (Swedish Championships in CrossFit) held in Stockholm by CrossFit Nordic! We are so excited and looking forward to a great weekend with “Team Denmark” ..

We expect the workouts to be released this Wednesday and we will make sure to post them on the blog.

More info about the challenge here:

Danish participants:

  • Anders Knudsen (CrossFit Butcher’s Lab)
  • Kyle Raymond (CrossFit Copenhagen/CrossFit PaideiaGym)
  • Kasper Hansen (CrossFit Aarhus)
  • Niclas Tønsberg (unaffiliated/former CTC)
  • Glenn Jakobsen (unaffiliated/former CTC)
  • Ditte Jacobsen (CrossFit Copenhagen)
  • Sarah Troelsen Krarup (CrossFit Copenhagen)



  • Carl
  • Frederik ” Average Joe” Krarup
  • Frederik Ægidius
  • Christian Jaehger
  • Maria Estella Gullestrup


A big thanks to our sponsors:



2 thoughts on “Danish athletes getting ready for SM

  1. I think it’s great that you guys are comming to bring the level of competition up!
    So, go Denmark, but plz don’t kick my ass to hard… 😉

  2. We are really pleased to have this opportunity to compete, and we’ll promise to at least fight fair 🙂

    See you soon ! Ditte

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