Amazing ideas for X-mas CrossFit gifts…



We’re working on a post about great X-mas CrossFit Gifts….

What are your Christmas CrossFit wishes?

Do not hesitate to promote your own box, products etc. 🙂

Post your ideas in the comments below…..

The best idea will be awarded with a FIT AS FU*K t-shirt!


7 thoughts on “Amazing ideas for X-mas CrossFit gifts…

  1. Greetings from CrossFit Uppsala in Sweden!

    If you don´t know what to give to your loved ones, then we can help you! 🙂 We are, among other things, selling

    gymnastic rings: 600 sek
    buddy lee jump ropes: 170-450 sek
    buddy lee extra chords: 70 sek
    t-shirts: 200 sek

    Shipping cost is 260 sek abroad, but it can differ depending on order. Check out our site and send an e-mail to me if you have any questions and/or want to purchase something:

    /Björn, CF Ua

  2. I want a pair of lifting shoes and biceps like Kyle Raymond.

  3. I want to get my level 1 cert =D that’d definitely be the best x-mas gift!

  4. I think all CrossFitters need a notebook to write down WOD’s, results, thoughts and ideas.

    You might be able to find one in my webshop – currently we only ship to Denmark. But if you’re a CF’er and fall in love with something in the shop throw me a mail at and I’ll send you a quote for shipping :o)

    3 – 2- 1 GO!


  5. My greatest wish for christmas is new crossfit shoes. Butchers Lab (DK) are selling some very cool invov8 shoes.

  6. THANK YOU!!! I’ll make a special offer for the blogreaders – stay tuned!

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