New theme: CrossFit Myths

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When talking to people about CrossFit, we have discovered a lot of myths. Both in the community and outside. We would like to test some of these myths and have asked some of our good friends (and Crossfitters) to help.

This theme will include:

  • Myths about CrossFit and women
  • Myths about CrossFit and beginners
  • Myths about CrossFit and men
  • Myths about CrossFit and dieting
  • Myths about CrossFit equipment
  • Myths about CrossFit and intensity

Our panel of experts, who will answer the questions:

Blair Morrison (USA):

World class CrossFit athlete – AnywhereFit:

Jason Mulligan (USA):

Superb athlete, used to live in Germany (Ramstein) –

“Average Joe” (Denmark):

 The one and only – no further introduction needed

Kyle Raymond (Canada):

Former olympic-level athlete and strong Canadian!

Morten Sværke (Denmark)

Martial arts and CrossFit – 

Thor Wowk Larsen (Denmark)

Head coach at CrossFit Copenhagen and weightlifter –

Liz Gunner (USA/Denmark)

Strong athlete and often seen at various CrossFit challenges –



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