Myths about CrossFit & Women

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  • Myth # 1: CrossFit is a masculine sport
Thor Larsen: “False! It’s neither more masculine nor more feminine than other forms of training – although there are more men practicing CF than girls.”
Morten Sværke: “False. All good WODs are programmed with both males and females in mind. CrossFit does seem to attract more men than women, but there’s no reason I can think of to think of CrossFit as a purely masculine sport.”
Jason Mulligan: ” False. Theres nothing masculin about gymnastics.”
Blair Morrison: “False. SO many beautiful, feminine women at the top of the sport.”
Liz Gunner: “False. CrossFit is for everyone. Women can (and have) excelled as much as men in the sport. It can be scaled to any level, from kids to grandparents. That is one of the principal appeals of the sport – it’s universal.”
Kyle Raymond: ” False.  My definition of a male/masculine sport is one in which people would be interested in watching men compete but not women, think of the NBA and WNBA.  No one watches the WNBA but the NBA is quite popular, hence basketball is a masculine sport.  On the other hand, soccer is equally boring no matter who is playing so it’s gender neutral.  Although I find it pretty boring watching people workout (i.e. watching CrossFit competitions) I would definitely rather watch women work out so CrossFit is a female sport in my eyes. “
  • Myth # 2: CrossFit makes women bulky

Thor Larsen: “False! Women that get bulky from CF are usually a bit bulky to begin with or are doing a while lot of lifting as part of their training, and then the diet also plays a significant part.”

Morten Sværke: “False. Not even most strength conditioning programs make women bulky. The female body is just not built to respond like that to exercise. Some of the strongest women I know are at the same time the most beautifully proportioned women I know. Though as with any rule, this one has exceptions; some women DO get bulky after a long time of hardcore training. But out of the many women I know who CrossFit on a regular basis, i could count the bulky ones on one hand. And they’re not the ones winning CrossFit competitions.”

Liz Gunner: “False. Women will not get bulky on any training regime unless they take some sort of supplement. There are those of us who are genetically more “bulky” than others, but if you are naturally small-framed, CrossFit (or any other sport) is not going to change that.”

Kyle Raymond: “False.  I would imagine that most women won’t become “bulky” from weight training in general.  If however, you have an unusually deep voice and an excessive amount of body hair then you may be the exception to the above rule”

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One thought on “Myths about CrossFit & Women

  1. Seems like these myths, at least, we could all agree on 🙂

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