Myths about CrossFit & Men

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  • Myth # 1 :CrossFit makes men skinny

Thor Larsen: True! Most CF routines have too much metabolic conditioning and not enough strength work. But again – this all depends on the diet! If your skinny and want to grow and you feel hungry – you’re clearly not eating enough. Try GOMAD and drink full fat milk until you vomit!

Morten Sværke: “False. CrossFit makes men leaner. But not skinnier. Depending on your body composition, you will probably loose some weight in fat. But depending on your diet and recovery, you should also be gaining weight in lean muscle.”

Liz Gunner: “It can. It can also make them bigger.”

Kyle Raymond: “Not sure where to go with this question.  CrossFit is definitely not optimal if your goal is to strictly get bigger (add muscle mass).  This is due to the fact that part of increasing your work capacity is becoming more efficient.  Have you ever seen a jacked marathon runner?  On the other hand beginners will see improvements regardless of what program they follow.  This is why Rippetoe is a genius.  By targeting beginners (starting strength), it’s almost impossible to fail as they will see improvements by doing just about anything.  This is not to say whether or not starting strength is optimal, but it definitely will work, initially.  There is enough strength work in crossfit that you need not worry about getting “skinny” and “skinny” beginners will increase muscle mass pretty much regardless of what their program is.”       

  • Myth # 2: Men perform better in CrossFit without their t-shirts
Blair Morrison: “True. Go prove it.”
Jason Mulligan: ” False. Just watch me go.”
 Thor Larsen: “True! Actually men perform best wearing only Speedos – but most men are not comfortable enough with their own sexualities to do this in workouts and even less so in competition!”
Morten Sværke: “Absolutely true. It doesn’t make sense, but then again it doesn’t have to.”

Liz Gunner: I can’t confirm that one, but I won’t complain when they take them off ;)”

Kyle Raymond: “True.  I can’t think of a single task men don’t perform better without a t-shirt.”  

  • Myth # 3: Men should supplement their CrossFit with weightlifting to get strong

Blair Morrison: “True.  If you only train for chippers or with medium weights, you will never get strong.”

Thor Larsen: “False! Doing weightlifting will make you better at weightlifting; the clean & jerk and snatch. But most people should definitely supplement their routines with heavy lifts such as squats, deadlifts and presses. There are numerous programs that can improve you strength – and if this is your one of your greatest weaknesses, then taking a break from your regular CF routine and focusing on getting strong and eating is what you need to focus on!”

Morten Sværke: “False. If you have to supplement your CrossFit with weightlifting to get strong, you (or your instructors) are doing it wrong. Heavy days (Weightlifting) are a part of any good CrossFit program, so saying you have to add weightlifting to CrossFit is like saying you have to add running to triathlon training. It’s already there.”

Jason Mulligan: True. You need to always improve “the big 4”: bench, squat, deadlift and press.”

Liz Gunner: “False. CrossFit will make you strong. Supplementing with additional workouts is dependent on the individual and their goals, but it is not necessary to get strong or stronger.”

Kyle Raymond: “True.  The most important message I took away from the recent CrossFit powerlifting cert in Køge, was the quickest way to make gains in your performance is by targeting your training towards your weaknesses.  With that said, your performance in CrossFit WOD’s and competitions depends on a number of factors such as endurance, flexibility and strength.  If strength is the limiting factor in your performance then it would make sense to focus your training on improving your strength.”

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