Danish Team Christmas Challenge – WOD 2 “Santa Gone Bad”

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WOD 2: “Santa Gone Bad”

A fight gone bad set-up!

5 stations – 3 rounds – 1 min. rest between each round.

1 person from the team will be working at the time/at each station (= the person who starts at a certain station must stay at that station for the entire minute).

The exercises must be conducted in the order below. The team decides which person who works out at each station in each round (can be changed between rounds).

Score: reps.

Participants: all teams.

3 rounds:

  • 1 min. toes to bar
  • 1 min. double unders (it’s allowed to bring your own jump rope)
  • 1 min. pistols
  • 1 min. power snatches @ 50/30 kg.
  • 1 min. row for calories
  • 1 min. rest

Further details, standards and scaling will be discussed during the briefing Saturday morning December 4th!

In general – make it easy for the judges. If they’re in doubt, the rep doesn’t count.


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