Myths about CrossFit & Intensity

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  • Myth # 1: CrossFit sacrifices technique for intensity

Blair Morrison: “True, sadly.  Too many people fuck this up.” 

Thor Larsen: “True! The main cause of injuries in CF.”

Morten Sværke: “False. It is true that we purposely do not keep perfect technique throughout all workouts, but we always keep safe and proper technique. If this is not true for your gym, go find another one. Be safe.”

Jason Mulligan: “Somewhat true. Especially during competetions”

Average Joe: “False. If you only train 1 – 2 times a month – it never gets really intense… :0)”

Liz Gunner: “That’s a personal choice that each person makes when they do their workout.”

Kyle Raymond: ” True. I think this is inevitable. To what degree that this is an actual problem would depend on the individual and the degree to which they must sacrifice their technique for intensity or to compensate for mobility issues. See the article by Fabio Comana for further discussion.”


  • Myth # 2: Chippers and long workouts are more intense than short, heavy workouts

Thor Larsen: False! This obviously depends on the effort you put into the workout – but the rule of thumb is, that the longer the workout the lower the intensity gets.”

Morten Sværke: “False. If they are, you’re doing it wrong; bring more speed and explosion to the short and heavy WODs—bring more tactics and endurance to the chippers and long WODs. But kick the intensity through the roof on both.”

Liz Gunner: ” The intensity of the workout is up to the individual. The more you put in, the more intense it will be. The length of the workout does not determine the intensity.”

Kyle Raymond: ” True at least according to some people at Butcher’s lab (lol, couldn’t resist). I would have to say false, simply since intensity isn’t a characteristic of a WOD/workout. I wouldn’t talk about one WOD being more intense than another. Instead intensity is the level of effort the crossfitter puts into the WOD.”

What’s your opinion ? Please post your thougths to comments! 


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