The Afro Brutality “Earn Your Shirt” Challenge by CrossFit Harlem

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There will be two Metcons and A Strength Brutality Series.

The first Metcon is “Fuck U Harlem” 5 Burpees at the beginning of every minute then Squat Clean Thrusters for the rest of the minute until you get to 100 Squat Clean Thrusters weights Men115lbs Women75lbs (inspired by CrossFit Football).

The second Metcon will be “30 Something” 3Rounds; 30 Unbroken (meaning without stopping) Double Unders, 30 Kettlebell Swings (Men 53lbs Women 32), 30 Box Jumps (20inch box)

The Strength Brutality Series: Men; Strict Press 200, Clean 300 (Squat Clean, Power Clean, Mid Hang Clean) Squat 400 (Back Squat, Front Squat) Deadlift 500

Women; Strict Press 100, Clean 200 (Squat Clean, Power Clean, Mid Hang Clean) Squat 300 (Back Squat, Front Squat) Deadlift 400


To be eligible for the NWA shirt all of your workouts and lifts must be videoed and submitted to the FaceBook page Afro Brutality Sports Marketing!/pages/Afro-Brutality-Sports-Marketing/135081036543013 by 11:59pm Dec. 31st

For the Metcons a running timer or stopwatch must be shown at the beginning of the workout in the middle of the workout and at the end of the workout.

For the Brutality series the weight must be videoed at the beginning or at the end of the successful lift.

Video tips: the Metcons are long so edit them to reduce the size of the file if you can. Also you have 26 days to do the Brutality Series so if you PR on the Press its not advised to immediately try to PR on another lift, I gave everyone enough time to PR every lift give yourself the time don’t rush these lifts.


The Metcons will be judged for full range of motion and speed so the person with not only the fastest time but the best form wins.

The Brutality Series will be scored just like CrossFit Total and a 10lbs bonus will be given every time a lift is made as Rx’ed.

Non-Rx’ed example: If you Press 100, Clean 100, Squat 100, Deadlift 100 your total would be 400.

Rx’ed Example; if a woman Presses 100 her total for that lift will be 110. So a perfect score for Men would earn you an extra 40 points and an extra 40 points for Women

You get one point for every pound you lift.

Only the Strict Press and the Squat will be judged for full range of motion in the Brutality Series as long as the weight of the Clean is on the top of your chest it counts and as long as you’re standing up straight at the end of the Deadlift it counts.


Everyone who enters will receive a 10% discount on their next purchase of Afro Brutality Gear!!!

An “NWA” shirt will be awarded to the Male and Females winners of each Metcon and to the Male and Female winners of The Strength Brutality Series.

The Male and Female overall winners (those that do all the workouts and lifts) will be invited to become part of The Afro Brutality Competitive Crew “NWA” which entitles you to FREE Afro Brutality Gear for one calendar year!!!

Contest ends Dec. 31 at 11:59  Email any questions to

See more here:


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