John Welbourn’s guide to size and strength

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Consistency. Stop program jumping. Find a program. Commit to it and do not waver for 1 year.

Sleep. Like a 2 year and realize you need a full nights sleep and naps.

Eat. Like it was your last meal.

Stop trying to create your own special secret squirrel hybrid program. If you knew what you were doing you would already be strong, fit and have a site with 15,000 hits a day, a best selling book and a sold out seminar.

Stop posting. The guy with 15,000 posts on the message boards is not an expert. Do not listen to him. He does not even workout. How could he? He doesn’t have time, he has 15,000 posts!

Getting bigger and stronger and lifting weights is not easy. There will be days when the weights are heavy. You will have to eat to the point of feeling uncomfortable to recover. Your body will hurt and you will lose more than you win. You will feel like you are going backwards. These are the days that most of the population and people complaining on message boards around the net will abandon their program. Just when it gets hard and you have to force your body into adaptation.

And you wonder why you can never meet your goals. Not anymore.

John Welbourn is the creator of CrossFit Football and a former NFL player. See more here:


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