Ditte: About 2010 and my plans for 2011

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Looking back on 2010 from a training perspective, it has been a really interesting and fantastic year. I have tried different training protocols, talked to some great coaches and played a lot of new sports!


In August, I attended the Greg Everett seminar at CrossFit Copenhagen – only to find that my love for the Olympic lifts got stronger and that I had to spend even more time learning the correct technique. In October, Sarah got in contact with our local weightlifting club and we started to train there 2 times a week.

In August, I also went “back to school” studying Idræt (sports science) at University of Copenhagen. This has been a huge challenge for me (and a lot of fun!), since I have to learn a lot of sports, that I have no former experience with.  The positive surprise is that CrossFit has given me a good foundation for other sports. The negative surprise – being active every day at school is hard on my restitution !

Several CrossFit competetions have given me some unforgettable moments in 2010! First and foremost the Fit as Fu*k Challenge in September – WOW that was the greatest day ever! Furthermore I have participated in some competetions and challenges myself: Games sectionals and regionals, Danish Open, SM and Butcher’s Endurance Challenge amongst others. Competetion is a great way to asses your weaknesses, for instance the “SM 2010” made me regret not working more on my muscle-ups!

My biggest inspiration of the year was meeting Martin Rooney, first time in March and  for the second time in October! He was kind enough to spend some time with me and Sarah, talking to us about preparing for the 2011 CrossFit Games. The biggest revelation for me was how much max strength really means! Off course I knew that being strong was good on max lifts, but after adaption to a Training for Warriors – protocol, I’m surprised how much better I perform in workouts, and how my body-composition changes!

This leads me to my plans for 2011… I’m going to focus on weightlifting, gymnastics and sprints – and recovery!

My “New Year Resolutions” 2011:

  • I want to get better at Olympics lifts by training 2-3 times a week!
  • I want to learn and be able to do multiple reps of “the muscle-ups” by betting stronger in dips and pull-ups and practicing the technique !
  • I want to try a lot of new sports and keep pushing my limits – first goal is to run a half- marathon in April!
  • I want to do everything in my power to compete in the 2011 CrossFit Games affiliate cup!
  • I want to improve my diet in order to help my performance and recovery – Gym Nordic will help me with this.
  • I want to keep having fun, doing what I love: Training 🙂

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One thought on “Ditte: About 2010 and my plans for 2011

  1. Hej. Inspirerande. Tack! Hälsningar Sassa Lee / Stockholm.

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