TFW cycle 1 – Sarah’s thoughts and plan for cycle 2

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Cycle 1: 11 OCT 2010 – 5 DEC 2010

Photo: day 1, cycle 1

I met Martin Rooney for the first time in March 2010 when he was in Denmark at Butcher’s Lab to present his Training for Warriors (TFW) concept. I was right away amazed by the results and athletic level Martin Rooney’s athletes have acieved, and I decided that I would follow Martin’s workout set-up after having given birth (end July 2010) and stick to it in 2011.

Martin Rooney returned to Denmark in October 2010 for another Training for Warriors seminar, where Ditte and I met with him for a chat about a structured training set-up for both of us.

The plan for end 2010 + entire 2011 is to follow the Training For Warriors philosophy and to train in cycles of 8 weeks in order to achieve my short (getting back in shape after my pregnancy) and long term goals (CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup).

The structure of my training in cycle 1 was:

  • MON: upper body strength + skills(*)
  • TUE: lower body CrossFit WOD
  • WED: rest
  • THU: upper body CrossFit WOD
  • FRI: lower body strength + skills(*)
  • SAT: rest
  • SUN: speed day/interval running

(*) I have picked 3 upper body lifts (mostly from powerlifting) and 4 lower body lifts (from powerlifting as well) to work on in this cycle, as well as I have been working on a few specific skills as well.

See my daily training/8 weeks in details here.

The goal in cycle 1 was for me to lose weight (I gained approx 18 kg. during my pregnancy), build strength, start getting back in shape – and the end goals were to be able to compete in The Swedish CrossFit Championships (13 NOV 2010), in the Danish Team CrossFit Christmas Challenge (4 DEC) – and to on-line qualify for the Danish CrossFit Open (5 DEC) @ CrossFit Copenhagen 29 JAN 2010.

I haven’t done any 1RM max lift or endurance tests in the beginning or at the end of cycle 1, as it would be to dangerous to max out so fast after having given birth. Cycle 2 and onwards will include 1RM tests, endurance tests, named CrossFit WODs etc.

All goals in cycle 1 were accomplished thanks to the structured weekly training, and Frederik Ægidius and I even managed to win the Danish Team CrossFit Christmas Challenge. Mostly, because Frederik Æ is such a strong athlete……. But it was a small victory for me to be able to do all the CrossFit exercises in the competition again. After giving birth, I couldn’t even do 1 single handstand push-up 😦

The hardest has been beeing out of shape, weighing more, not getting enough sleep, not to be able to perform on the same level as before I gave birth, not being as strong, and to hit the gym at least 5 times/week every single week. I am still facing a lot of challenges and have plenty of weaknesses/skills to work on, but I’m sure that my more structured training will make me come back as an even stronger athlete.

The mental journey in cycle 1 has been interesting, and I’m so thankful for all the support I’ve gotten from great friends and family. Ditte, my sister Anna, my husband Frederik, Maria Estella, and my mother-in-law Inger-Manon are all angels and have been taking care of little Carl, while I was working out, and Ditte, Kyle, Frederik Æ and a lot of all cool crossfitters are true friends and have helped me getting back in shape as well by training/running with me on a daily basis or participating in all the crazy challenges I’ve set up for myself. Sadly, a few people prefered the pregnant version of me, and have made this journey back in competition shape even harder for me 😦 All of this will make me stronger in the long run, I’m sure, and it has helped me making some wise decisions regarding my daily training.

Photo: Last day, cycle 1 (Frederik Æ and I won the Danish Team Christmas CrossFit Challenge)

Cycle 2 (DEC+JAN) and onwards includes thoughts about nutrition, weightloss, mental training, training for a half marathon in April 2011 (my first and definetely last one), participation in the Danish CrossFit Open 2011 (29 JAN), participation in the CrossFit Sectionals (MAR-APR 2011), some named CrossFit WODs, 1RM powerlifts, gymnastic skills, and last but not least a lot of olympic lifting, as I have persued my dream and started training olympic weightlifting.

Olympic weightlifting and running in cycle 2 seems to be a very nice combination – and I’m excited to share my results with you at the end of January.

Photo: this is how I looked right before getting pregnant, and how I want to look again – a perfect size for me in order to be both strong and fast 🙂

Interested in Training For Warriors in Denmark. Contact Henrik “Affe” and Oliver Worm @ Butcher’s Lab.

Thanks to our sponsors!


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