The more you train – the worse you get??

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When talking to people outside the CrossFit community, one of their major concerns about the sport seems to be the fear of overtraining and injuries. Obviously, I understand their concern: CrossFit can be extremely hard on the body, and (let’s be honest!) many crossfitters experience negative feedback from their bodies.

On the other hand, it’s easy to conclude that your bad WOD result or lack of strength gains come from overtraining. And it’s certainly an assesment that people around you will be eager to agree with (especially those not involved in training).

But how many of us really know what overtraining means? When you set out to investigate the subject, the answers that you find might surprise you ….

I have found some of the most well-written articles on the subject and I will post them over the next period in the following categories:  

  • The basics of overtraining and recovery
  • Misconceptions about overtraining
  • How to train a lot – without being overtrained


I hope you enjoy the read and perhaps learn something new!

– Ditte


One thought on “The more you train – the worse you get??

  1. ..And when he was done with training he looked like this thats him second from the left in case you dont recognize him without the mud and with the uniform . Friday 081226. Angie ..For time .100 Pull-ups.100 Push-ups.100 Sit-ups.100 Squats..Post time to comments…Compare to …Please note that we are doing a make-up of yesterdays workout for those who couldnt make it into the Box yesterday as today is an official Rest Day on the main site… Based on the comments that followed his it sounds like there is indeed interest.

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