Overtraining theme: The basics of overtraining and recovery

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All about recovery

” ….. How much time do you spend in the gym (or working to physically improve your body) ? Probably not much. Well, at least compared with the amount of time you spend between those sessions. Gym time is simply a stimulus for change. This stimulus will only create results if we recover enough between workouts. The quicker and more efficiently we can recover, the sooner we can spur further progress….”

Read the full article here.

The basics of overtraining

” …. The general definition of overtraining is this – a syndrome occurring in athletes who train too frequently/in excess OR who may not allow for adequate recovery from intensive exercise. As a result of this inadequate recovery, performance is impaired (1). While poor sport performance is the main symptom of overtraining, other non-specific symptoms may include other oldies but goodies such as: decreased motor coordination, decreased force production, altered immune, hormonal, and autonomic activity, and emotional, mood, and sleep disturbances….”

Read the full article here.


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