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If crossfitting at your local box isn’t enough for you, and you want to expand your WOD playground to the wet element, this might be the answer! 

Kasper Hansen’s blog is dedicated to WODs containing elements of water activity. Showering will not be one…

The first WOD is:

5 rounds for time:
25m swim (15m underwater, 10m above)
10 burpees
25m swim only using legs (kicking) no board allowed
10 muscle ups on the ledge (don’t push of the bottom of the pool!)
The hight of the ledge above waterlevel tends to be different i every pool, but if there is a difference between the two ends, pick the high one. You should do this one in a 25 meter pool.

See more here:

Kasper Hansen is a strong and passionate crossfitter and on the Danish Military Naval Pentathlon Team.


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