Countdown for the Danish CrossFit Open – tomorrow!

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The time is getting close and the last things for the competition is being planned and organized.

Latest news from CrossFit Copenhagen about the day:


8.30-9.45           WOD #1

10.20-11.40       WOD #2

12.20-14.00       WOD #3

14.50-16.15       WOD #4

17.00-               FINALE WOD!

In all the WODs there will be be mulitiple heats with 3-5 athletes. In the final event there will only be 1 heat for women and 1 heat for men. Womens heats will always start. After 1st WOD the best placed men and women will start in the latest heats.

WOD #4 is Outdoor brutality and will take place outside close to the Church. Remember warm clothes and a hat so you can keep the athletes warm with shouts and screams. And remember money for a hot cup of coffe!

The time schedule is only a rough indicator on how the day will look like. Expect delays or the other way around 🙂

Scoring system
The scoring system will be the same as last year. The athletes will be given points after every WOD. 1 point for 1st place, 2 points for second place etc.

After WOD 2,3 and 4 there will be cut offs:
In WOD 3 there will only be 12 men and 9 women competing.
In WOD 4 there will only be 9 men and 6 women competing.
In the Final WOD there will only be 4 men and 4 women competing.

Live streaming

You can follow the event live here


CrossFit Copenhagen, Griffenfeldsgade 7A, 2200 Copenhagen


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