TFW cycle 2 – Sarah’s thoughts and plan for cycle 3

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Cycle 2: 6 DEC 2010 – 30 JAN 2011

Goal: GrossFit Games 2012

Cycle 2 and onwards includes thoughts about nutrition, weightloss, mental training, training for a half marathon in April 2011 (my first and definetely last one), participation in the Danish CrossFit Open 2011 (29 JAN), participation in the CrossFit Sectionals (MAR-APR 2011), some named CrossFit WODs, 1RM lifts, gymnastic skills, and last but not least a lot of olympic lifting, as I have persued my dream and started training olympic weightlifting.

Photo: last day in cycle 1 (Frederik Æ and I won the Danish Team Christmas CrossFit Challenge)

The plan for end 2010 + entire 2011 is to follow the Training For Warriors philosophy and to train in cycles of 8 weeks in order to achieve my short and long term goals.

The structure of my training in cycle 1 was:

  • MON: upper body strength + skills(*)
  • TUE: lower body CrossFit WOD
  • WED: rest
  • THU: upper body CrossFit WOD
  • FRI: lower body strength + skills(*)
  • SAT: rest
  • SUN: speed day/interval running

I have started olympic weightlifting in cycle 2, so the structure of my training in cycle 2 has been changed to:

  • MON: endurance WOD
  • TUE: running/active recovery
  • WED: olympic weightlifting
  • THU: running/active recovery
  • FRI: weightlifting
  • SAT: running/lifting/WOD
  • SUN: Interval running/WOD

Link to my detalied daily training in cycle 2.

The goal in cycle 2 was still to lose weight, build strength, working on endurance and hitting some named WODs again – and the end goal was to be able to compete in the Danish CrossFit Open (29 JAN 2011). 

3 times weekly running  for the half marathon end a weekly endurance WOD on Mondays has helped a lot on my endurance, and attending 2-3 olympic weightlifting classes weekly has improved my strength as well.

Photo: JAN 2011 – after a 19 min endurance WOD

Danish CrossFit Open 2011 on 29 JAN 2011 marked the end of cycle 2. I was so fortunate to make it all the way to the final and finished 3rd overall. Ring dips killed me in the final WOD, and my goal in cycle 3 and onwards is for sure to work even more focused on upper body strength + skills….. Despite the result in the final and me trying to do ring dips for 6 or more minutes, the 3rd place in the Danish CrossFit Open was a huge personal victory for me. I’m still nok 100% back in shape and struggeled both with strength and endurance, but I’m getting there…… Mentally, I feel even stronger 🙂 I have found a good ‘competition mode’ and can actually enjoy the day and focus on the WODs at the same time. See WODs + results here.

The crossfitters from Butcher’s Garage + me 🙂

Danish CrossFit Open – final/women

I’m still training for the half marathon in April, training for my first weightlifting competition i April as well, and improving my CrossFit weaknesses in order to be able to give it my best for the CrossFit Sectionals/Opens from mid March and 6 weeks onwards.

On 3 JAN 2011 I was so lucky that crossfit HQ found my profile interesting enough to post it on See the Europe Scouting report here.


– most of the stats are not my max/others are all time PBs, and most imprortant numbers to work from 🙂


  • Deadlift: 105 kg (24 JAN 2011 – not max at all)
  • Front squat: 75 kg. (31 DEC 2010)
  • Front squat 2RM: 75 kg. (24 JAN 2011)
  • Front squat 3RM: 65 kg. (22 JAN 2011)
  • Back squat: 95 kg. (17 Jan 2011)
  • Back squat 2RM: 95 kg. (22 Jan 2011)
  • Back squat 10RM: 70 kg. (17 Jan 2011)
  • Back squat 21 RM in 3 min.: 70 kg. (29 JAN 2011)
  • Overhead squat 5RM: 60 kg.
  • Overhead squat 12 RM: 40 kg.
  • Bench press:
  • Shoulder press: 42 kg (24 JAN 2011)
  • Shoulder press 18 RM: 30 kg. (29 JAN)
  • Snatch: 51 kg. (15 JAN)
  • Snatch 2RM: 50 kg. (19 JAN)
  • Snatch 3RM: 45 kg. (DEC 2010)
  • Clean & Jerk: 60 kg. (10 DEC 2010)
  • Snatch balance: 65 kg. (22 Jan 2011)

Photo: after 21 back squats @ 70 kg. (photo by Lene Gunnø)


  • Max push-ups in 4 min.
  • Max dips in 3 min.: at leats 15 (JAN 2011)
  • Max strict pull-ups in 3 min

The girls

  • Isabel: 4:30 min. RX, 24 DEC 2010
  • Fran
  • Grace
  • Diane: 5:51 min. RX (9 JAN 2011)
  • Fight Gone Bad
  • Helen
  • Cindy
  • Mary


  • 100 m. run
  • 400 m. run
  • 250 m. row
  • 500 m. row
  • Longest distance in this cycle: 7,5 km. (9 JAN) + 7,5 km. (15 JAN)


  • Strict handstand push-ups
  • Ring handstand push-ups
  • Handstand walk
  • Ring dips
  • Muscle-ups
  • Legless rope climb
  • Pistols.: back on pistols with bith legs but still rusty 🙂
  • Strict pull-ups: 2 consecutive

Photos: Danish CrossFit Open + end cycle 2 (photo by Jo Cartwright)

In cycle 3 (FEB-MAR) I will work on all of the above, participate in the CrossFit Sectionals/Opens (MAR-APR/6 WODs in 6 weeks), participate in Butcher’s Garage Stronger Challenge in a team with Liz Gunner and Ditte Jacobsen (19 FEB) and furthermore look into nutrition and mental training.

Photo: this is how I looked right before getting pregnant, and how I want to look again – a perfect size for me in order to be both strong and fast 🙂

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