Nike test-run 1: 10 K

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Today was the first official test-run on our way to running a half marathon. The idea originally started out as a joke, since we both hate long-distance running 🙂

But in the end, we decided to sign up for a total of 3 runs powered by Nike ( 10 K in February, 15 K in March, half marathon in April ), because we believe in challenging our body and mind by doing something you really suck at!

We have been fortunate enough to have some of our good friends supporting us in the traning, and to beat us in the run 🙂

Results for the “FIT AS FU*K endurance team” :

  1. Anna-Signe Lindasdatter Troelsen 00:44:40
  2. Average Joe 00:47:05
  3. Sanne Brink 00:50:58
  4. Kyle Raymond 00:52:18
  5. Ditte Jacobsen 00:56:57
  6. Sarah Lindasdatter Troelsen Krarup 00:56:58

One thought on “Nike test-run 1: 10 K

  1. I will definitely need to run faster next time to keep the first place!! Sarah’s non-power sister need to get some serious squat going before Martch – I feel average Joe breathing down my neck!!!!!!!!!!!

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