CrossFit Games Open – week 1

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22.000+ athletes world wide have signed op for the CrossFit Games Open 2011 online CrossFit Competition.

Due to the huge amount of participants (and some initial IT-problems), the deadline for completing WOD1 has been extended to Sunday 27 March (PDT)…… So it’s still possible to sign up.

Team CrossFit Butcher’s Garage (Copenhagen, Denmark) has 30+ participants and we’re excited to see how our ranking as a team and individuals is in Denmark/Europe/world wide is after WOD1 (27 March).

So far 65 crossfitters from Denmark have entered the competition – and 1.100+ in total in Europe. 35+ teams in Europe are competing for 3 spots at the CrossFit Games 2011 in USA.

See all our scores here and read more about the CrossFit Games and the CrossFit Games Open 2011 here.


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