Team CrossFit Butcher’s Garage – scores WOD1

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It’s still possible to do/re-do WOD1 and submit the best result before Sunday this week.

So far after WOD 1 (AMRAP/10 min.: 30 double unders + 15 power snatches 35/25 kg.) the top scores for Team Butcher’s Garage are:


  1. Anders Galaly (no. 4 in Europe)
  2. Frederik Ægidius (no. 18 in Europe)
  3. Martin Møller (no. 27 in Europe)


  1. Sarah Lindasdatter Troelsen Krarup (no. 2 in Europe)
  2. Liz Gunner (no. 37 in Europe)
  3. Louise Bang (no. 43 in Europe)

Well done all!

See all team member’s scores here.


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