Progenex sponsor Danish CrossFit athletes !

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Progenex is a well-known brand for most CrossFit athletes, and we are happy to tell you that the products will be available in Europe soon (they will be sold from which will be launched tomorrow)

Progenex is one of the main sponsors of the 2011 CrossFit Games, and many famous athletes including some of the world’s best CrossFit athletes.

Progenex has chosen to add some Danish athletes to the family including:

  • Frederik Ægidius
  • Phillip Hargett
  • Kyle Raymond
  • Sarah Troelsen Krarup
  • Ditte Jacobsen

We are very excited to test the products and experience the effects on our performance!

Tomorrow, we’ll bring an interview with Cameron Verdi from Progenex’ headquarters in USA, until then find out more here.


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