Our first olympic weightlifting competition!

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On Saturday 2. April 2011, we (Simon, Ditte & Sarah) attended our first olympic weightlifting competition for beginners hosted by the Danish Weightlifting Federation

Here’s a small review of the day:


Very friendly and actually much like a CrossFit event. Everybody cheer, whenever someone is on the platform.


Much more intelligent than we have ever done! Everything was timed perfectly by our coach, Anders Bendix!


.. worse than prior to any CrossFit workout. You only have 3 attempts and you are lifting in front of 3 judges and all the spectators – all by yourself !

Expect the unexpected ??

Not exactly 🙂 In that way weightlifting differs a lot from CrossFit. No ”stupid workouts”, ”unfair judges”, ”unknown equipment ” to blame for a bad performance. Just you and the bar and the result of your practice.


Definitly – we had a really good time!


Ditte and Sarah both ended up with a total of 113 kg (48 kg snatch + 65 kg clean & jerk), this was far from a max effort, but the goal was to have all lifts approved and a good experience.


Returned home carrying both medals and a trophy!

We would recommend olympic weightlifting if…

  • you have a feeling that you will look good in a very tight suit
  • you like to be a little “nerdy” about your technique
  • you would like to learn something new, and you’re not afraid to be a beginner

Videos of our lifts

Ditte 48 kg. snatch

Ditte 65 kg. clean & jerk

Sarah 48 kg. snatch

Sarah 65 kg. clean & jerk

Simon 75 kg. snatch

Simon 100 kg. clean & jerk

Thanks to all the ‘real’ olympic lifters at our club, IK99, for supporting us!

We are currently working on a joint event between CrossFit in Denmark and the Danish Weightlifting Federation. Stay tuned for more info…….

We wish Tim Kring and Christina Trier Ejstrup from our weightlifting club all the best at the European Weightlifting Championships in Russia next week.

Tim Kring, IK 99

Tim Kring, IK99, Denmark

Christina Trier Ejstrup, IK99, Denmark


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