THE CROSS – Portugal

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A while ago, we received the coolest invitation ever from THE CROSS in Portugal to come and stay at their new villa for a few days.


We are looking forward to enjoying ourselves, training hard in the sun and hopefully hitting some swimming WODs as well…..

The Cross is a new, ultimate training center for CrossFit and Triathlon. The Cross opened their doors in April 2011 in Ferreira do Zêzere in Portugal, about 150 km north of Lisbon. The Cross is located in Casa do Lago, a comfortable villa that can accommodate up to ten guests.

The Cross overlooks a 80 km long lake with crystal clear water and is located in a hilly and area with lots of green. The location is ideal for outdoor sports while enjoying the mild climate and beautiful scenery combined with an active sports program.

During our stay we’ll be hitting WOD6 for the Games Open (with Samantha Briggs and Numi Snær Katrínarson amongst others) 🙂

We’re super excited about visting the Cross and so happy that we got invited! 

Read more about The Cross:


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