PN part 2: What about my friends Ben and Jerry???


Cheat meals!

Every well-balanced diet should (in my opinion) contain some ice cream 🙂 Research has shown that if you stick to a diet 90% of the time, the last 10 % shouldn’t deprive you of results.

What I like about PN is that you actually plan your cheat meals in advance, in that way you keep control and are less likely to binge and lose motivation.

If you eat 6 meals a day, that’s 42 meals a week – meaning that you can have up to 4 cheat meals each week! But here’s the tricky part – if you skip a meal – it will also be counted as a cheat meal! Ouch…

Weekly adherence chart

To keep track of my adherence, I used a weekly chart. It’s easy to make one yourself, just make a column for each weekday and 7 rows – one for each meal. If you eat a meal in accordance with the PN guidelines, you just put a “X” in the box, and if you miss a meal or skip a meal, put an “O” in the box. Each week just take the number of X’s and divide with the total number of meals (O+X) and then you have the adherence! This number should ideally be 0,90 or greater, but I have had clients who achieved great results with 0,80 – it greatly depends on your current habits and your body-composition.


2 thoughts on “PN part 2: What about my friends Ben and Jerry???

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  2. Great! Looking forward to hearing more about the diet!

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