PN part 3: The verdict


Did it make me perform better?

This is always difficult to asses – and I have been performing much better than usual during the last couple of months, but this could also be due to better programming. I would say that my strength gains suggest a sufficient amount of protein in my diet, and furthermore I have been feeling much better and more eager to train!

Body composition

I have experienced the following changes in body- shape & composition:

Measurements before/after (cm):

Neck girth: 32 / 32

Shoulder girth: 109,5 / 109,5

Chest girth: 86 / 86

Upper arm girth: 31 / 29,5

Waist girth: 72 / 70,5

Hip girth: 98 / 98

Thigh girth: 57 / 54,5

Calf girth: 39 / 38.5

Skinfold measurements Before/After (mm):

Abdominal skinfold: 12 / 9

Triceps skinfold: 15 / 15

Chest skinfold: 4 / 3

Mid axilary skinfold: 8 / 5

Subscapular skinfold: 8 / 8

Supraheliac skinfold: 10 / 7

Thigh skinfold: 20 / 17


16,4 % –> 14,5 % 

I had a relatively low bodyfat-percentage before, so I didn’t do this to get in “bikini” shape 🙂 I was surprised to see how much change had happened, because I had not felt like I was on a diet – at all!

I have used the PN method with many of my personal training clients, especially one of them was very enthusiastic (maybe because she was getting married), and her BF% went from 34% to 18% during the 6 months that I worked with her. Note that alongside the diet, she worked her ass off in the gym with heavy training and sprinting!

The point is that PN is a powerful tool for changing body-composition, while continuing to focus on athletic performance.

And what about the costs?

The cost is practically one of the only downsides of PN. Eating large amounts of fresh vegetables and meat every day is definitely more expensive than the classic “student menu”: pasta with ketchup 🙂 I was fortunate enough that my boyfriend was helping with the expenses (and food preparation) – but you should be willing to invest some money in your health.

Good planning can help you minimize expenses: Shop for groceries 1 – 2 times a week, and prepare at least 3 meals at a time. Lean chicken can be bought in quite big portions, so look out for good offers at your local supermarket.

We get fresh organic vegetables and fruit delivered every week by the company “Årstiderne”, this ensures variation and is a very convenient solution. I don’t know if this kind of service is available in other countries, but please post a link in comments if you live outside Denmark and know of something similar.

Is this a sustainable diet?

After the “experiment” I have continued to implement the PN principles in my diet. I don’t keep score anymore – and if you offer me a piece of cake, I will accept! Overall I feel that my diet has improved by the following parameters:

→ My breakfast has changed from bread-based to protein-super-shake

→ I remember my lunch every day and it has become a habit to prepare it the night before, which makes me much more likely to bring it

→ I have become accustomed to pre and post workout nutrition. This is crucial for me since my weightlifting sessions are quite long, and I need to stay focused the whole time!

More info on PN

Check out:

The site offers a free “mini course” by email – I strongly recommend this!!


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  2. Bedre alternativ til Årstiderne:
    Biodynamiske grønsager – sexy!

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