The Cross, Day 2

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Day 2 started with a nice 5K trail-run before breakfast, guided by Christian, co-owner of the Cross , tri-athlete and ultra runner.

After breakfast, we taught a snatch session to the rest of the athletes. Samantha Briggs and Numi will for sure soon be able to break their current PR!

After the snatch session, we did some squat cleans and heavy back squatting – and both PR’ed on our 4 rep max!

After lunch, some of the athletes went for some open water swimming in the lake next to the Cross – approx 3,5 km. (and hard for quite a few)!!!!!

In the evening, we did a team workout – boys vs girls. The boys (Numi, Bert, Jan, Darren) finished second in 18:17, but the girls (Sarah, Sam, Elin, Ditte) won a safe victory in 15:27 !!!

WOD: “Pick Your Poison” – Teams of 4

At each “Choice” the team must choose which exercise they will do and then all members must complete rx’d distance or rep scheme for the exercise chosen. In between choices each member must complete each exercise at their “Base station”…

At the Base Station team members must rotate one exercise at a time after ALL members have completed their full 15 reps, the base station is completed once all team members have completed 15 reps of all 4 exercises:

Base Station = 15 kb swings (24 kg/ 16 kg ), 15 thrusters (30 kg/ 20 kg), 15 sit-ups, 15 Double Unders


Base Station

Choice 1: Top or Bottom

15 HSPU’s or 50 Squats

Base Station

Choice 2: Push or Pull

40 Push ups or 25 Pull Ups

Base Station

Choice 3: Up or Down

50 jumping sqts or 25 Burpees

Base Station

Choice 4: Climb or Hang (changed from the original format)

15 ring-dips or 25 atomic sit-ups

Athletes visiting the Cross this week:

  • Samantha Briggs, UK
  • Darren Freeman, UK
  • Numi Snær Katrinarsson, Iceland/Sweden
  • Elin Jons, Iceland/Sweden
  • Christian Jaehger, Denmark
  • Frederik Krarup, Denmark
  • Ditte Jacobsen, Denmark
  • Jan van Delden and wife, Holland
  • Owner Bert Hendricks
  • Owner Christian Luis Aza Dierickx


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