Video from our stay at The Cross, Portugal!

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Last week, we spent 5 amazing days in Portugal, at the newly-opened training facility “The Cross”.

Together with us were: Samantha Briggs (UK), Darren Freeman (UK), Numi Snær Katrinarsson (Iceland/Sweden), Elin Jons (Iceland/Sweden), Christian Jaehger (DK), Frederik Krarup (DK), Jan van Delden and Marina van Delden (Holland),  Owner Bert Hendricks and Owner Christian Luis Aza Dierickx

These are some of the statements that the athletes made afterwards:

“Thank you guys for a great week here at The Cross! We loved everything about it – the training, the people, the food and the nature 🙂 Looking forward coming again next summer!”
– Númi Snær Katrínarson & Elín Jóns 2011

“Today I’m so tired that I can hardly keep my eyes open – still if you invited me back to “The Cross” tomorrow, I would be on my way! You have created something very special: You’ve made a training stay feel like a Holliday and people that I’ve just met feel like family. I would recommend a stay at “The Cross” to anyone, as I can’t imagine any expectations you guys couldn’t fulfill. Thank you!”

– Ditte Jacobsen

“Just got back to Denmark after a superb CrossFit week at The Cross in Portugal. Endless training possibilities and the best hosts ever!!!!!! Thanks to Bert and Christian for the invitation – and thanks to Sam Briggs, Darren, Numi, Elin, Ditte, Jaehger et al for some great days. Will have to improve my Diane and Randy time until next face-off though :-)”

– Sarah Lindasdatter Troelsen Krarup

More info on the Cross – visit:


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