Preparing for the European Regionals: Anders Galaly and Nicholas Holst

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All over Europe, athletes are getting ready for one of the greatest European CrossFit events so far. No two athletes are the same, and how they prepare is very different. Read on to find out how your favourite athlete gets psyched for the weekend.


1) How are your training routines this week (leading up to the Regionals)?
2) How do you prepare mentally?
3) Does your diet change?
4) Do you have any routines / rituals that you must adhere to?
5) Are your bags packed? 🙂

Anders Galaly (CrossFit Aarhus, individual competition, finished 13th in the Opens)

1. I rested saturday, trained some easy snatch on Sunday.. Trained twice Monday, and is going to train once or twice Tuesday, but then I’ll rest until Friday..
2. I don’t really prepare myself mentally, actually I try not to think too much about the regionals. Just another day of training..
3. During the weekend my diet was quite crabby, but from this day (monday) I will do strict paleo and all that… :)
4. Not really, I’m doing best, when I’m a bit late and just have to rush into the workout.
5. As you may have guessed from above, I haven’t packed yet..

—- o0o —-


1) I don’t perform any heavy lifting the week up til Regionals. I will row, run and do other kind of cardio workouts and train my weakest skills to prepare.
2) I’m generally not that nervous, so don’t do any mental preparation in particular, but when the event starts, I like to pull up my hoodie, and go inside my self.
3) I eat as much as possible, and dont really consider what I eat, but of course not fast food etc.
4) No, if you need routines you’re not experienced enough 😛
5) They will be the day before, no hurries 🙂


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