Preparing for the European Regionals: Anders Knudsen and Mikko Aronpää

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All over Europe, athletes are getting ready for one of the greatest European CrossFit events so far. No two athletes are the same, and how they prepare is very different. Read on to find out how your favourite athlete gets psyched for the weekend.


1) How are your training routines this week (leading up to the Regionals)?
2) How do you prepare mentally?
3) Does your diet change?
4) Do you have any routines / rituals that you must adhere to?
5) Are your bags packed? :)

Mikko Aronpää, CROSSGYM Athlete, Individual competition, finished 3rd in the Opens

1) The week leading up to the regionals is very light in terms of training. I rest a lot and do some skill training and couple very short metcons to get the heart rate up. I think rest, recovery and skill refinement is the name of the game during last week before the competition.

2) I’m trying to think a strategy for each workout. Other than that I’m just trying to relax knowing that I did everything I possibly could in training wise.

3) Not much. Maybe a bit more strict than usual and trying to stay away from burgers and goodies:)

4) I do some cold water swimming in cold Finnish lakes to speed up the recovery/ blood circulation.

5) YES!!! Ready to go! Good luck to everyone competing in Europe Regionals!

—– o0o —–


1) Heavy OHS/split jerk from back monday morning + a small cardio run before work at night time… Thursday – REST… Wednesday – light cardio WOD, and then I’m ready to ROCK!!! —

2) Mentally I consider my self to be quite strong, so I try to focus on the team effort instead of my own effort – fx what could I do to help the team things.

3) No changes in diets, food still going in and out.

4) When it get’s heavy and intense i’ll let the angry man out an shout 🙂 in a good way

5) yes, Sarah told med what to pack so it’s all good ;o)


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