Preparing for the European Regionals: Sarah Troelsen and Samantha Briggs

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All over Europe, athletes are getting ready for one of the greatest European CrossFit events so far. No two athletes are the same, and how they prepare is very different. Read on to find out how your favourite athlete gets psyched for the weekend.


1) How are your training routines this week (leading up to the Regionals)?
2) How do you prepare mentally?
3) Does your diet change?
4) Do you have any routines / rituals that you must adhere to?
5) Are your bags packed? :)

Sarah Lindasdatter Troelsen, TEAM BUTCHER’S GARAGE

1) I’m on Club La Santa Sport this week teaching CrossFit and enjoying the sunny weather. Running each day and prepping for the WODs.

2) By going through the WODs mentally and by practising them.

3) No – it never does!

4) Resting a lot.

5) Yep! Going directly to Regionals from Club La Santa…. Can’t wait!!!!!!!

—– o0o ——

Samantha Briggs, CrossFit Central Manchester, Individual competition, finished 2nd in the Opens 

1) The week before I am still training every day but it is just consisting of a steady run in the morning and skill work in the afternoon, nothing too heavy but I want to keep everything moving and working

2) For me I try not to let the competition fever get into my head, I will be giving each WOD my everything but I will be approaching each day as any other day – no pressure just enjoy the WOD

3) My diet will be the same up-until Sunday night when beer and cake is on the menu! I eat pretty much paleo so I’ll be sticking with that for the weekend

4) I don’t have any lucky charms or rituals that I follow – I do have a set warm up though that I will be doing to try and prepare myself as much as possible

5) all my gym kit, lifting shoes, jump rope and essentials are lined up ready for action


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