2011 Reebok CrossFit Games Countdown feat. Jenny Jacobsen, Mikko Aronpää and Sarah Troelsen

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From all over Europe 3 men, 3 women and 3 teams are getting ready to face the challenge and compete in the next CrossFit Games in LA 29th to 31st of July. Today’s interview feature Mikko, Jenny and Sarah (Team Butcher’s Garage). 



Games Open placement: 3 (Europe)

European Regionals placement: 2

Games experience (year/placement)? First year at the Games


Games Open placement: 9 (Europe)

European Regionals placement: 3 

Games experience (year/placement):  

CrossFit Games 2008 – 26th ( 91 competitors )
Sectionals 2010 -1st
Regionals 2010 – 6th


Games Open placement: 2nd (Team Butcher’s Garage)

European Regionals placement: 2nd (Team Butcher’s Garage)

Games experience (year/placement)? 

Affiliate Cup 2009, 42nd place (CrossFit Copenhagen) 


  • How was your reaction when you found out that you had qualified for the Games?
Mikko: It felt awesome. I worked so hard this past 12 months to make it happen, so naturally I was very happy about it.
Jenny:  I didn´t expect to qualify, so I was really surprised, but happy of course! It will be so much fun to compete.
Sarah: I simply didn’t believe it – too good to be true.
  • How have you been training since the Regionals?
Mikko: I’ve been doing alot of volume (3-4 workouts on training days) and my training has been as well rounded as possible. I’ve paid some attention for skill training and doing some not so typical movements that might come out of the hopper. Swimming has also been in weekly programming.
Jenny:  I try to workout twice a day, and work on my weaknesses
Sarah: Each week Ditte and I programmed a team WOD, an individual WOD and an individual 3-5RM lift, and it has been working quite well. Moreover, I have been working on skills, weak spots and endurance.
  • Do you have any ambitions in terms of placement?
Mikko: I don’t have any specific placement in my mind. I’m just going step by step and trying to survive the cuts
Jenny: It would be fun to compete all three days =) I guess it will be a cut after day one or two. II know t´s gonna be hard, but I will do my best..
Sarah: Depends on the WODs 🙂 I’m proud to have made it to the Games and we will all give it our best!
  • Which kind of event do you hope to see?
Mikko: A good mixture of basic crossfit workouts, strength workouts and skill based workouts. I would like to see a workout with sandbag run and handstand walking:) Swimming would be also pretty cool.
Jenny: Handstand walk, HSPU, Pistols
Sarah: Just overhead squats, snatch, kipping HSPUs – but what are the odds!?! We’re all quite good handeling a barbell and at communicating during WODs – hoping for some of that.
  • Who do you think will win the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games?
Mikko: We’ll see:D
Jenny: Hard to say, but Europe will be on the podium!!
Sarah: I hope that Europe will dominate!

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