FIT AS FU*K 2011 – meet the stereotypes

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Mental advics for the stereotypes we all know and recognize within ourselves…

The excuser

“I’m not really sure on why I have signed up for the competition. It was a stupid idea! I’m not as strong as I look, and definitely not as fast as the other athletes. I can’t even do an overhead squat properly. And my pull-ups suck. Shit, and what if they expect a muscle up – hmm.. well, I did it that one time, but no, that was just purely luck. Oh no, I’m are going to make a fool of myself!!

You have so many disturbing thoughts  – and even though you probably already have let everyone around you know how you feel, just to prepare them, and not at least yourself, for you failure – go out there and do your best. Stop making excuses for yourself! Remember that exact moment where you signed up for the competition. In that very moment you believed in yourself! Get that moment back – and go kick some ass!

The underdog

“I will just try it out to see if I can do it. It’s a huge challenge. I’m so exited!”

This might be your first competition. Use the advantages of this. There are no expectations on your shoulders. You have trained hard and you are ready for this! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Do the exact same thing, as you do when you train in the gym. Look forward to the experience, and have fun!

 The experienced

“Well, I have done this so many times. Nothing has changed. I just want to win. It will be a piece of cake. Just another day at the office…”

Even though you have been through more competitions than you can remember, don’t slack on your performance! Be 100% ready by preparing as if this was the most important challenge in your life. Make sure your focus is not only on winning, in that you can’t control that! Focus should be on what YOU have to do, to do your best in every workout. Analyze and make strategies. Use your experience to get through every workout as the toplevel athlete you are!

The quitter

“I can always pretend´, that I’m injured os sick. Yes, if it hurts too much I will just quit. That’s fine. No expects me to win anyway. And I know myself in competition settings, it will never work out anyway. Hmm.. If I quit, I will blame it on my shoulder.”

YOU signed up for the competition. No one else took that decision for you. Remember that when the pain start getting to you doing a workout and you want to quit and forget about the whole thing. Before the competition day, think through, why you are competing – what are your goals, why are you putting yourself through this? Find your answers, make sure that they are meaningful to you and write them down. Even though, your answer is just to have fun, remind yourself. Have the answers with you during the competition day, look at them one in a while, and remember them when the sweat starts, the taste of blood begins – and all you want to do is quit! Then, remember your answers!!


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