FIT AS FU*K 2011 mental aspects – WOD 1-3

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INDIVIDUAL WOD 1 – mental aspects

AMRAP 10 min.

Control your pulse. Make sure you have a strategy ready before start. What pace will you start at – how will you do your breathing  – how many reps in a row – can it be done unbroken – how fast will you run etc etc? Follow your strategy, and make sure you maintain focus in all 10 minutes. Use selftalk. Find Q-words or sentences that can help you through the pain and the disturbing thoughts. This workout is all about leaving your brain behind and let your body do the work. 10 minutes of your life. Make them go by fast!

TEAM WOD 1 – mental aspects

AMRAP 15 min.

The team should also have a strategy ready. Who is doing what exercises?  You all have to run together, who is setting the pace? Make sure everything is well planed, so there is no confusion when the workout starts. Communicate during the workout. Inform each other on how you individually like to be cheered on, what should your team mates say in order to get you to push yourself. Help each other to perform your fullest!

INDIVIDUAL WOD 2 – mental aspects

Combi lift:  1 clean anyhow + 3 front squats + 1 jerk/5 min.

Have a strategy – make sure you know what your max are before the competition – have a plan for what exact weights you are trying out. You don’t have time to think within the 5 minutes. Make sure you help yourself by knowing exactly what you want to lift before you do it.

Use Q words on your technique, for example ‘up’ or ‘push’ – or a motivating sentence such as ‘I can do this’. Say it over and over again, don’t let any other disturbing thoughts get into your mind before lifting – keep focus on the one thought, and then lift.

TEAM WOD 2 – mental aspects

Combi lift:  1 clean anyhow + 3 front squats + 1 jerk/15 min.

See comments on individual WOD 2.

Furthermore, make sure that you help each other on the team. Let each other know what your strategies are. Again make sure your team members know what you need from them in terms of cheering, help with the weights, a motivational talk, water, calcium etc.

INDIVIDUAL WOD 3 – mental aspects 

”The fu*ked up snatch-complex”

It’s all about focus in this one. Again, use your Q-words on technique – motivate yourself. Keep a high pace between the lifts – have a strategy ready, for example how many breathings you can take between the rounds. Make sure that you are determined in your thoughts every time you start a new set. Make a decision, go to the bar, and lift. Again, get rid of disturbing thoughts – if you find it difficult, practice to control your mind – by saying the same sentence over and over again.

TEAM WOD 3 – mental aspects

”The Fu*ked up snatch-complex”

See comments on individual WOD 3.

Further, have a strategy ready on who lifts what weights before starting.

This was just a small insight in hos to prepare for WOD 1-3. If you need any help on your mental preparations, or have any questions related to the mental aspects of your training – feel free to contact me for advice either by phone or email.

Sport Psychology Consultant

Janne R. Mortensen

Phone: +45 61330467


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