Post CrossFit Games 2011 – Tuomas Vainio, CrossFit Pori, Finland

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Name: Tuomas Vainio


Affiliate: CrossFit Pori

Country: Finland

Individual/team participation: Individual

Placement: 19th

Participation in other CrossFit Games/year + placement: NO


How did you like the CrossFit Games 2011? I was suprised that there were such a great atmosphere amongst the athletes competing.

Which WOD did you like the most + why? Wod 1 was my favourite,it went really well and the swimming in the ocean with a large group of people was exciting.

Which WOD did you dislike the most + why? Wod 4, I struggled with muscle ups.

Are your satisfied with your training leading up to the Games? Yes,I was able to develop myself all the time.

Are your satisfied with your effort and placement at the Games? Yes.

How could you prepare better for next year – would you change something? After this year’s experience I know what works for me and what doesn’t. I need to continue to look for new methods in order to improve in the areas that I was struggling this year.


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