Post CrossFit Games, Kyle Raymond, CrossFit Butcher’s Garage, Denmark

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Name: Kyle Raymond

Age: 29

Affiliate: Crossfit Butcher’s Garage

Country: Denmark

Individual/team participation: team


Participation in other CrossFit Games/year + placement: No, first time

How did you like the CrossFit Games 2011? Participating in the 2011 Games was a fantastic experience. Being able to test yourself against the best affiliates in the world was awesome. It also highlighted our glaring weaknesses, so we have lots to work on for next year.

Which WOD did you like the most + why? My favourite wod was the sandbag WOD. Although our strategy was far from optimal it still highlighted one of our teams strengths, co-operation. We communicated well together and stuck to our game plan. It was also the first wod where all 6 team mates got to participate in which was fun.

Which WOD did you dislike the most + why? The rope climb and clean WOD was my least favourite. I think our overall lack of skill showed in this WOD, mine especially, as my grip was fried from the rope climb and I could barely hold onto the bar for the cleans. It was rather frustrating failing on a weight that I was able to do quite easily in the warm-up.

Are your satisfied with your training leading up to the Games? Hindsight is 20/20. There are a couple of lessons to be learned regarding our team training leading up to the games that I think will help us prepare for the 2012 regionals/Games.

Are your satisfied with your effort and placement at the Games? We did the best that we could that weekend.

How could you prepare better for next year – would you change something? In order to improve our physical preparation for next years regionals/games we need to implement a full year plan that emphasizes our team weaknesses as well as improving the difference between our operational (crossfit) and max output in all the typical crossfit exercises, similar to Charlie Francis’ idea of a speed reserve.


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