My strength program: Morten L. Sørensen, Butcher’s Lab

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Morten L. Sørensen trains and teaches CrossFit at Butcher’s Lab. He participated in the 2011 Fit As Fu*k Challenge with team “AA’s disciple” (2nd place). 

1) Where did you get inspiration for your programming from?

I got the inspiration to my program by a friend, who recommended it.

2) What is the main purpose of your program ?

The main purpose of my the program is to get overall strength, strength that can support the lifting in future crossfit competitions.

3) Do you still find time to do regular CrossFit WODs or do you focuse only on strength training? 

With this program i can find time to do regular crossfit WODs, I find it easy to combine my strength program with dying WODs. Which is something I find important if you want to improve your strength and your ´´Crossfit conditioning´´.

I personally can´t see the purpose in stop during Crossfit WODs to gain muscle (and fat) and the when you are done with the strength program you have to cut fat again, get back to your Crossfit Shape and then lose a little of our strength during that. I prefer to improve my Crossfit conditioning and my strength continuously (yeah it takes time).

4) Is this your first strength training period, or have you tried other programs? What was the result then?

This is the second time I run this program (my second cycles) and I could certainly feel the different in my strength and my technique during Crossfit WODs. It also helped my by wining a second place in the team competition at this Fit As Fu*k Challenge (which was a highlight of the year)


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