My strength program: Uffe Tronhjem Hübbe

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Uffe Tronhjem Hübbe trains and teaches at CrossFit Nato Staffcentre in Brussels, Belgium. He has been doing CrossFit for many years, and have participated in several competitions including the 2011 Fit As Fu*k Challenge, where he lifted 100 kg in the clean, front-squat, OH complex.  

1) Where did you get inspiration for your programming from? 
I got my inspiration from Gym Jones through a visit to the gym in 2010 with my friend Jonas Justesen. Its at strength and conditioning program designed for military personel.

2) What is the main purpose of your program ?
The main purpose of my program is to become as “indestructible af possible” within 3 days of training a week. The rest is rest, work og skilltraining for the job. Its a work/sport related program. Working in law enforcement/military work I would like to have a light frame (though heavy enough to fight aka “Dont be too thin to win”), a engine with a lot of horsepower, and a big fueltank. I pretty much get that from this program, though I am not really lightweight.

3) Do you still find time to do regular CrossFit WODs or do you focuse only on strength training? Why / why not
I still do regular CrossFit WODs, mostly HERO WODs that my friends do. Just to have fun and compete. That’s still something I like to do once or twice a month when it pups up. I don’t use them as a part of my programing, but more like a free beating and a good challenge.

4) Is this your first strength training period, or have you tried other programs? What was the result then?
Its my first strength program that covers more than just the deadlift. I got really strong, walked funny and lost a lot usefull attributs in my fitness. The GJ program gives me a balanced physic and I walk less funny.


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